Monday, September 15, 2008

Prepare a Photo for Critique

I decided to focus my attention on line and focus. I will arrange the objects (this will be still life photography) in a way that will show my attention to line and take the shots in a way that will focus on certain parts of the scene and not others. Here are the three photos I chose:

Photographs one and three both have very strong usage of line, while photographs two and three show concentration on focus. The third photo of the dagger was not as successful as the other two. I think this was because of the lighting and the way it reflected off the hilt on to the blade. I really like the texture shown in both the velvet that the objects are laying on and the stones in two of the pics. The elliptical mouth of the goblet is a good way of attracting your attention to the image and then helps to lead your eye around it. The cracks and impurities in the stones are also very interesting and the lines made by their outlines help to guide you around the picture plane. The dark background is a good contrast for the light objects and helps them pop.

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